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January 7, 2018

What I Know About 2018

Besides the fact that cold weather makes me sick and everybody looks better at the bar before the lights come on, I know there is a lot waiting for us music lovers in 2018

I know that as time keep moving on, the artists we are familiar with change and always have. They grow out of favor, get tired of recording (or recording the same types of music) or unfortunately make their transition. There will never be another Prince. Staples of R&B like Alicia Keys, John Legend and Jennifer Hudson aren't embraced like they used to be and Childish Gambino is focusing more on his acting and directing. Others who have remained constent including Maxwell, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu only make albums every four or five years. 

If we are truly music fans we have to open our minds and ears to new talents. Artists such as SZA, Daniel Caesar, dvsn, Sabrina Claudio & H.E.R. are all young artist who are on their 1st or 2nd albums. They are hungry, full of fresh ideas and are extremly talented. Remember, nothing stays the same! 

I know that vinyl is making a comeback! You can't beat the warmer sound that come from vinyl. The feeling of holding the tangible record and record cover, with liner notes,  in your hands completes a bond with the music. While directing the arm and needle to the track you want to hear is a bit like driving a stick shift (real driving) These simple nuances make the experience personal. Finally, I don't really know, but I hope, with the return to vinyl, musicologists will understand what my username 'knowwax' means to me.

Lastly, I know that artists and fans alike will both be rewarded by this years festivals. Artists make the bulk of their money when on tour and festivals are a great way to expand their awarness with the atendees. Big names like Justin Timberlake at Coachella and Eminem there as well as New York's Govenors Ball are just two examples of what should be a banner performance year. 

Other destination concerts and festivals to put on your calender are SXSW (South By Southwest), the BET Awards, Stellar Awards, Chosen Few and The Essence Festival. There will be something for every kind of music lover. Plus, with the success of the movie, "Girls Trip," I bet there will be lots of grreat stories to share... Shh! or maybe not?
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